Reorg Webinar Series: Distressed Debt & Restructuring Outlook for Germany: Harsh Winter Ahead
Fri Nov 18, 2022 3:29 pm Distressed Debt  Financial Restructuring

Reorg runs an extensive webinar program throughout the year. This presentation on the distressed outlook for Germany is the 32nd webinar globally, and the 12th looking specifically at European credits. If you are interested in participating in a Reorg hosted webinar, email us at

On Nov. 17, Reorg hosted another episode of our deep dive webinar series, this time on the outlook for the distressed debt and restructuring market in Germany.
With German corporates facing a winter of high gas prices, subdued consumer confidence and rising interest rates, the panel discussed what opportunities and challenges investors and restructuring professionals can expect.

Key Topics:

  • How much does the German scheme StaRUG play a role in negotiations and restructurings?
  • How are German corporates and investors adapting to the new macro environment?
  • Sorgenkinder Real Estate and Automotive.
  • Will creditors agree to more amend & extend deals or are we in for comprehensive restructurings?

You can find recent analysis and coverage on topical German credits such as:

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