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With 2020 over, 2021 brings hope that further vaccinations will bring some stabilization to the economy. The pandemic is far from over, though, and infection rates are still rising in some parts of the world. Reorg Senior Director and Editor Adelene Lee provides updates on cinema operator AMC Holdings and Garrett Motion.

Markets remain busy at the end of 2020, with positive vaccine news fuelling bullish behavior. Director of International Credit Mario Oliviero shares an overview of the European credit market as Ziggo, Encore, IMA, Casino, JLR, Kraton Polymers and ContourGlobal all sought to raise high-yield bonds in December.

Shasha Dai, Managing Editor of China for Asia Core Credit by Reorg, provides insight into China’s onshore bond market and the common practice for distressed Chinese companies to seek “strategic investors,” — oftentimes state-owned entities — that come to the debtors’ rescue. This issue includes intelligence on topical credits Tsinghua Unigroup, TML Holdings, and Thai Airways International.

Director of Emerging Markets Credit Research Kyle Owusu provides a market overview from New York as industries continue to grapple with the effects of Covid-19. The restaurant industry has been particularly challenged — several restaurants including Cheesecake Factory, Cracker Barrel and Shake Shack have managed to obtain covenant relief in order to maintain flexibility.