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Throughout the year Reorg publishes in-depth reports and guides on the global performing, distressed, restructuring and post-reorg credit markets.

Here you’ll find a curated selection of those reports available to download.

EMEA Litigation Wrap

Restructuring Plans Challenged; FCA Creates Hurdles for Schemes and Gibbs Here to Stay

Published: February 2024

EMEA High Yield Bonds Wrap

Aggressive Terms Swamped by Wave of Refinancings but Overall Covenant Capacities Increase

Published: February 2024

First Day by Reorg: 2023 Year in Review

Rising Interest Rates, Inflation, Lingering Supply Issues Led to Banner Year for Chapter 11 Activity; Filing Levels Second Only to 2020.

Published: January 2024

2023 EMEA Leveraged Loans Wrap

2023 Covenants Less Permissive Compared With 2022; Slight Loosening at Year-End Gives Borrowers Cause for Optimism in 2024

Published: January 2024

2023 EMEA Direct Lending League Tables

The latest Reorg Advisor Reorg’s inaugural FY23 European Direct Lending Rankings, ranking European direct lenders across sector, region, debt range and ESG compliance for 2023

Published: January 2024

2023 CEEMEA Credit Wrap

The latest Reorg Advisor Rankings examine Americas-Patience Pays Out in Corporate Distress but Sovereign Restructurings Prove Hard to Unlock

Published: January 2024

EMEA Primary 2023 Review & 2024 Preview

The latest Reorg Advisor Refis Dominate 2023 Primary Issuance, LBOs Creep In; Looming 2025, 2026 Maturity Wall to Drive 2024 Volumes; PEs Keen to Deliver Returns but LBO-Driven Issuance May Still Struggle

Published: January 2024

2023 EMEA Schemes/26A Wrap

An in-depth analysis of how Reorg Data Shows 2023 Schemes and Restructuring Plans in Deep Dive; What New Precedents Developed? What Is Next?

Published: January 2024

Americas Advisor Rankings Full Year 2023

The latest Reorg Advisor Rankings examine Americas-based Legal Advisors, Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers in relation to their involvement in distress situations and their earnings in chapter 11 cases in 2023.

Published: January 2024

EMEA Restructuring Wrap 2023

An in-depth analysis of how Reorg Data Shows 2023 Featured a Marked Change in Restructuring Trends Since 2022

Published: January 2024

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting in the Private Markets

An in-depth analysis of how private companies report on their Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions and reduction targets

Published: December 2023

Gaming Sector Review

An in-depth analysis of how Daily Rates and Online Businesses Support Growth in Global Gaming Companies in Third Quarter While Retail Decelerates, Leverage Declines Across Most Borrowers, Interest Coverage Holds up

Published: December 2023

Unraveling TCFD

(Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures); Incorporating Climate Risks and Opportunities in Investments

Published: December 2023

Data Insight

Highest Borrowing Costs Since 2007 Eroding Cash Flow, Cost of Debt Trails Market Yields, EBITDA Growth Supports Credit Metrics but Deceleration Takes Hold.

Published: November 2023

Primary Analysis: Iceland

Iceland community involvement and waste reduction are highlights in what may be considered limited disclosure for a company its size.

Published: October 2023

EMEA Mid Market Deal Tracker Report

Utilize our Deal Pipeline Tracker, Deal Origination Tracker, and Stressed Tracker to stay informed about relevant credits.

Published: September 2023

2023 EMEA Primary Market Half-Yearly Wrap

The European leveraged finance primary market recovered from its 2022 lows during the first half of the year. Reorg examines the bond and loan issuance trends using data available on Reorg platforms.

Published: August 2023

H1 2023 European Leveraged Loans Wrap

Reorg reviews refinancings, amend and extends (A&Es) and other developments from the first half of the year, while also providing a forward-looking perspective for the remainder of the year.

Published: August 2023

2023 EMEA Midyear Restructuring Wrap and League Tables

The first half of 2023 witnessed a significant increase in restructuring activity in Western Europe, signaling the end of the lull observed in 2022. This report delves into the restructuring trends and presents the inaugural European restructuring advisor league tables.

Published: August 2023

The Data Science Behind Reorg’s Restructuring Risk Index

Reorg’s RRRI is an in-house proprietary technology – an index score that indicates the probability of a company filing for bankruptcy or chapter 11. Learn more about the data science behind the RRRI data set.

Published: August 2023

Unmissable Media and Leisure Insights to Help You Gain an Edge

Reorg’s performing credit research team provides movie theater sector updates, in-court bankruptcy updates, coverage initiations and more in our latest report.

Published: August 2023

Americas Advisor League Tables

Reorg’s Advisor League Tables cover the first half of 2023, examining restructuring advisor activity across both fees and retentions to help you stay up to date and scope opportunities to come.

Published: August 2023

H1 2023 European Sustainability-Linked Bonds Wrap

Learn how European sustainability-linked bonds have changed in the first half of 2023 – with highlights on volume, sponsor-backed deals, increases to the coupon, express amendment provisions and more.

Published: August 2023

First Day 2023 Midyear Review

The First Day 2023 Midyear Review covers trends in chapter 11s, including chapter 11 totals by sector, court district chapter 11 activity, case mechanics and more.

Published: July 2023

Americas Primary Quarterly Q2 2023

Dive into nine pages of granular data and expert analysis, spotlighting significant improvements in covenant protection for second-quarter deals, such as MoneyGram leveraged buyout notes and Talen Energy exit notes.

Published: July 2023

Global Credit Highlights

Reorg delivers critical data and analysis for leveraged finance and restructuring professionals. In this paper, you can access a curated selection of data-driven insights into credit situations developing around the world right now.

Published: July 2023

ESGx by Reorg Data Dictionary

Designed and developed with a global consortium of asset managers, institutional investors and private equity sponsors, Reorg’s ESGx Data Dictionary provides clarity and understanding to the growing cauldron of ESG alphabet soup

Published: June 2023

A Summary of SFDR Financial Product Requirements

Delve into disclosure requirements for the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) Articles 6, 8 & 9 and learn how ESGx by Reorg can support your SFDR reporting needs.

Published: April 2023

Advisor League Tables: 2022 Year in Review

The inaugural Reorg Advisor League Tables examine Legal Advisors, Financial Advisors and Investment Bankers in relation to their involvement in distress situations and their earnings in chapter 11 cases throughout 2022.

Published: March 2023

China Real Estate

China Real Estate Developers 2022 Onshore Bond Extension Summary

Reorg has compiled a non-exhaustive list of almost 100 onshore bond principal and coupon payment extensions which occurred in 2022 and January 2023, conducted by 15 Chinese real estate developers with offshore USD note issuances within Reorg’s scope of coverage. This summary analysis compares and contrasts the revised repayment schedule and credit enhancements offered under these extensions.

Published: March 2023

First Day by Reorg 2022 Year in Review

The First Day by Reorg 2022 Year in Review features a market overview plus industry deep dives of chapter 11 filings fueled by supply-side macroeconomic factors.

Published: February 2023

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