RRRI (Reorg Restructuring Risk Index)

Traditional risk prediction models only scratch the surface when it comes to assessing risks. However, with Reorg’s Restructuring Risk Index (RRRI™), Reorg has transformed this landscape with a ground-breaking AI-driven solution. The RRRI generates a predictive likelihood of any U.S. publicly traded company entering a restructuring process and filing for bankruptcy.

What sets RRRI apart:

  • Extensive Data Coverage: By granting you access to extensive data coverage on over 2,000 public companies, including a comprehensive library of past and ongoing updates to RRRI values, you gain a deeper understanding of distress signals, historical patterns and recurring risk factors to make informed investment decisions and identify new opportunities.
  • Discover Alpha in the Unseen: Unlike quant-based risk models, the RRRI harnesses the untapped potential of unstructured data. Through advanced analysis of company disclosures like SEC filings, press releases, and transcripts, RRRI uncovers nuanced linguistic signals and taps into the richness of textual data. Gain a competitive edge by accessing previously overlooked alpha through our unique NLP-based approach.
  • Unmatched Expertise and Historical Insights: Backed by our unparalleled expertise in the field and enriched by historical insights derived from Reorg’s unique database of in- and out-of-court restructuring events, we combine qualitative industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology.

With the RRRI, you gain the ability to navigate the intricate landscape of the credit market and capitalize on opportunities. Find out how Reorg’s Restructuring Risk Index can boost your prospecting and business development efforts here.
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