H1 2023 Restructuring Wrap

During the first half of 2023, Reorg saw 23 debtors close restructurings, considerably more than the 14 that closed deals in H2’22 and 15 in H1’22.

Restructuring activity has increased in 2023, but still falls short of 2020 levels, which saw 61 restructurings close across the year.

Only 35% of restructurings closed consensually, out of court, in H1’23. This compares with 43% and 60% in H1’22 and H2’22 respectively. There appears to be a trend of debtors being more likely to pursue in-court restructurings, with a correlating increase in challenge – 22% of deals attracted a challenge in H1’23, compared to 17% during the whole of 2022.

There are 39 restructurings currently live, 14 of which are in a court process, notably seven are in U.K. court processes (CVAs, Scheme or Part 26A Plans). As of January, this number was 45, suggesting that deals are closing.

Included in the definition of restructuring are both consensual and non-consensual transactions, which featured at least one of the following: (i) an exchange of existing debt for new debt with different terms; (ii) the provision of new money through a new instrument; (iii) the equitization of existing debt instruments; and (iv) the amendment and extension of the maturity date of existing debt instruments.

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