Debt Explained

With increasing complexity of deals and markets, clients need more rapid interpretation of deal documentation and a better understanding of market terms and trends. Debt Explained by Reorg provides this through a unique process for analyzing highly complex leveraged finance legal documentation and presents the results in a clear, easily accessible format.
Debt Explained by Reorg reports on and scores deals, cross-checks for accuracy, then transforms this comprehensive analysis into hundreds of data points and enters them into a searchable database. Additionally, unique scoring tools provide a data-driven approach to covenant analysis.
The Debt Explained by Reorg databases were the first and remain the leading, most comprehensive and granular databases of terms and structures in the European market. These databases are market standard for understanding, tracking and comparing the covenants and structures of deals, and the senior legal experts behind this content have deep, ten-year-plus experience and knowledge of leveraged finance.

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