Expert Talent

Reorg’s expert intel and analysis are made possible by a unique editorial approach we call “the Reorg Trifecta,” which combines experienced reporting with financial and legal analysis. Every situation we cover includes insights from all three teams to create a holistic perspective.

Because our organization is built from the same DNA as the industry professionals we serve, our editorial team knows exactly what to look for and how to dig deeper to bring more focus and insight to opaque, complex information.

Technology You
Can Rely On

Powered by leading data science and natural language processing techniques, Reorg surfaces critical data and details found only through deep investigation and sophisticated programming.

Reorg content is served in real time through continuous deployment on secure technology to give you the decision-making edge.

Access Reorg through our mobile app designed for any device.

Content & Capabilities to Make Your Work Easier

24/7 access to an unmatched toolkit:

  • Analysis: In-depth financial and legal analyses and models
  • Data sets: Meticulously organized from masses of unstructured data to make hard-to-find information accessible
  • Documents: Real-time flow of multiple primary source data
  • Intel: Ingeniously researched market intelligence on high-yield and distressed credits
  • News Alerts: Personalized flow of breaking news and analysis to your inbox and through a mobile app designed for any device
  • Workflow Tools: Proprietary tools designed to streamline intensive processes

Services to Help You Realize Full Value from Your Investment

Make the most of your subscription with additional services from Reorg:

  • Analyst and Reporter Access: Calls with the Reorg team to answer specific questions
  • Expert Training: Programs to suit user workflows
  • Resources: Live panel events, podcasts, webinars and more
  • Support: Real-time advice to find the content you need for your workflow

These four powerful value foundations underpin the Reorg range


Tailored packages of capabilities and content designed for global or regional key business workflows
including investment managers, legal professionals, investment bankers,
professional services and corporations.
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