Predicting the Probability of Default
Mon Jan 30, 2023 6:17 pm Product News

While innovative, disruptive technologies like ChatGPT are able to provide answers based on previous events, it lacks the forward-thinking ability credit professionals need to make fast, strategic business decisions.

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As incidences of bankruptcy and restructuring rise, access to future-oriented technologies are more important than ever. Reorg’s Restructuring Risk Index (RRRITM) moves beyond data integration by providing a scoring mechanism to predict the likelihood that U.S. publicly traded companies enter restructuring.

Source: Reorg, Credit Cloud

RRRI is powered with data on over 2,000 public companies, continuous analysis of hundreds of company financial statements and documents, qualitative industry expertise from Reorg internal experts and cutting-edge data science technology. By providing users with proprietary numerical indicator, from 0-100, that reflects the probability of any U.S. public company filing for bankruptcy, restructuring professionals can dynamically analyze and forecast future restructuring situations.

RRRI is available exclusively through Credit Cloud. To learn more, request a trial.

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