Reorg Launches European A&E Tracker
Thu Jun 15, 2023 4:25 pm Covenants Analysis

In light of macroeconomic headwinds, rising central bank rates and the resulting difficult conditions for refinancing seen since the first quarter of 2022, Reorg has started tracking amend-and-extend, or A&E, transactions in the European leveraged finance market.

Our recent report, compiled by the EMEA legal team, highlights key trends based on our intelligence on A&Es gathered to date:

  • Since July 2022, 70 different tranches of debt have been subject of a consensual A&E, with 52 of those being launched in 2023 alone.
  • Borrowers typically launch their A&Es with an average remaining time to maturity of 21 months.
  • The average extension period seen is 29 months, with a range of six to 51 months. 

Learn how Reorg’s A&E tracker can help you and your team manage upcoming debt maturities during challenging macroeconomic times. Read the full article here.
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