Podcast: Abengoa Concurso Filing; MAB High Court Precedents
Mon Mar 1, 2021 8:56 pm Covenants Analysis  Financial Restructuring

Released bi-weekly, the EMEA Core Credit podcast focuses on European, Middle Eastern and African situations and companies in the distressed and high-yield space. Each episode also features a deep dive into a particular company or issue, discussing their developments and state of affairs in their respective space. This week, Richard Woolly speaks with the EMEA Core Credit legal team to discuss developments affecting schemes of arrangement and part 26a restructuring plans. 

The deep dive this week focuses on Spanish construction and engineering company, Abengoa and their restructuring agreements as well as the precedents set by MAB Leasing, a subsidiary to Malaysia Airlines, in the English High Court. Click through to listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud or Spotify.

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