Tue May 4, 2021 6:00 pm Covenants Analysis

Updating our Titan International covenants analysis, the Americas Covenants by Reorg team took a deeper dive into the global wheel, tire and undercarriage industrial manufacturer and supplier after their ABL Facility was updated to include an anti-hoarding provision. This new facility set in place is likely to place further potential restrictions on access to liquidity, plus their 2028 notes potentially restrict the divestiture of their ITM business. Additionally our updated Titan International covenants analysis includes a breakdown and an in-depth investigation into the company’s new secured 2028 notes, the amended ABL agreement, the potential divestiture of the ITM business and more. Click through to read the full story and request a trial for access to our coverage of thousands of other stressed/distressed debt situations: https://reorg.com/titan-international-liquidity/

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