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Tue May 24, 2022 1:06 pm

Reorg webinar replays are available to subscribers within 24 hours and are made more widely available in the following days. Our library of past webinar remains available by searching on the topic or title, but for ease we are including links to a selection of recent webinars from across our global coverage here.

Asia Core Credit by Reorg
Reorg Webinar Series: Liability Management Exercises by Chinese Real Estate Companies
Chinese real estate companies have launched a slew of liability management exercises (LME) such as exchange offers and schemes of arrangement since the second half of 2021. The exercises were largely seen as efforts by the issuers to push out near-term maturities as the industry faces unprecedented liquidity challenges amid incredibly difficult financing and operating conditions. Given that the maturities coming up in the next six months are substantial, more LMEs are expected to take place. In this moderated discussion, our panel of experts from Reorg – along with industry experts from Weil Gotshal and Moelis – dissected a timely topic and takeaways for offshore investors. Watch here.

Americas Core Credit by Reorg
Reorg Webinar Series: The Texas Two-Step: LTL J&J Chapter 11 and Likely Future Filings
On Wednesday, March 30, our team discussed how companies facing mass tort liabilities, including Johnson & Johnson, have used the “Texas two-step” maneuver to box litigation claims in a new asset-lite subsidiary and use the tools available in chapter 11 to reduce their overall liability while continuing to operate normally outside of bankruptcy. Our team discusses the Texas two-step process and explain how companies have used it to separate liabilities and attempt to settle those claims in chapter 11 and what potential issues these companies could face, including uncertainty regarding the viability of third-party releases. Watch here.

EMEA Core Credit by Reorg
Reorg Webinar Series: Russia: The Impact of Sanctions on Loan Obligations With Russian Parties
On Thursday, March 24 Reorg’s Shan Qureshi hosted a discussion with partners Fiona Huntriss and Matthew Getz from law firm Pallas Partners LLP to examine the impact of sanctions on loan and other financial obligations owed to and by Russian parties. Watch here.

Reorg Webinar Series: Schur Flexibles Webinar – From Syndication to Restructuring in Just 5 Months
On Wednesday, March 16, Reorg held webinar deep dive webinar on Schur Flexibles. The Austrian specialist flexible packaging group is trying to put its embezzlement issues and accounting irregularities behind it while it looks to grow back into its capital structure. Senior Legal Director Chetna Mistry hosted the conversation with EMEA Editor Rob Schach and Senior Credit Analyst Giulia Rusconi. Watch here.

Asia Core Credit by Reorg
Reorg Webinar Series: What Would a Sovereign Debt Restructuring Look Like for Sri Lanka?

The market flags a 50% probability that Sri Lanka will default on its $1 billion 5.875% notes due July 2022. With the maturity dates drawing closer, the Reorg team hosted a discussion of legal and financial considerations ahead of a potential sovereign debt restructuring of Sri Lanka’s existing $12.55 billion bond curve. Watch here.

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