Cruise Shutdown Litigation Coverage (June 2021)

Discussing the cruise shutdown litigation situation between the CDC and 3 states including Florida, Alaska and Texas, our Americas Core Credit experts dive deep into the Conditional Sailing Order, or CSO, where states are comparing the cruise shutdown to a ban on all ‘sexual intercourse’. Our Americas Core Credit team also discusses the mandatory limits for cruises being lifted on July 18th absent further ‘scientific evidence’. The CSO and related orders will become “non-binding,” according to direction from Judge Merryday, like CDC Covid-19 “guidance” aimed at other similar industries including the airline, railroad and hotel industries. The cruising halt caused major financial complications for the state of Florida as well as residents of the state including the necessity of approximately $20M in unemployment benefits to cruise industry workers, the loss of over $100M in income for the state’s ports and a loss of approximately $82M in sales tax revenue.

To read our Americas Core Credit team’s full analysis of the cruise shutdown litigation click through here:

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